Netbooks VS Laptops What You Need To Know

We all use laptops these days. We all depend on laptops to do our work and for entertainment and a nice addition would be an ikea laptop stand for beds. As these laptops are portable they can be carried around anywhere you go which means you can start work at office and carry laptops home to complete the job. You can access information, create and print files, upload pictures, tweet, update status and post on blogs.

Laptops are available in a range of screen sizes ranging from 13 inch to 20 inch laptops. The 20 inch laptops are true behemoths they serve as entertainment centers with their large screen and detachable keyboards in some cases. But these laptops are just too big and heavy to carry around.

On the other end the 13 inch laptop is perfect for use on the go. The screen size is not too big or too small to read. It is the smallest laptop and yet not a netbook. Sales data has shown that this is one of the most popular screen sized laptops that are being sold. They are small enough to be carried along while at the same time can be used to play high graphic games and watch movies in high definition. Most of these laptops come with built in graphic cards which allows users to use programs and games that are graphic intensive.

One of the most popular 13 inch laptops is the Apple MacBook Air. Let’s take a look at the features of this laptop:

• The MacBook air is the slimmest laptop available in the market, it is in fact slim enough to be put inside a manila envelope and carried around if you wish to. They run on the latest 2nd generation Intel I5 and i7 processors.

• It also has the Intel HD graphics processor embedded to take care of the graphical needs of the user.

• When it comes to storage the laptop is revolutionary in terms that it uses an all flash storage. The flash storage costumes very little power and boasts of very fast access times. This means the laptop boots faster than any other laptop and also has standby time of almost a month.

• The laptop has a full sized backlit keyboard which allows you to use keyboard even in low light conditions. The track pad is different from other computers too it supports multi touch and gesture control.

• It also features speakers that cannot be seen on the outside and the smallest camera that provides high resolution images.
13 inch laptops are very popular with consumers who wish to purchase laptops.