Forskolin Extract

What is Forskolin?

This is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the root of a plant with scientific name Plectranthus barbatus. It is highly acclaimed to be a catalyst for weight loss and also aids in muscle building. The plant extracts have also been used for medicinal purposes.

How the plant aids in weight loss

Forskolin which is a plant extract from the mint family have been used to make diet supplements. These supplements are weight loss boosters and are said to be the best supplements the market has to offer. The supplements are added to diet .This influence the body in several different ways. The process stimulates the body to produce thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone enables the body to burn fat to energy. It also prevents the liver from manufacturing new fats. This is a natural metabolic enhancer which is able to provide enough energy to last all day long.


Forskolin has several benefits which have been reported by its users.

  • Impressive steady weight loss

The supplement enables the body to burn excessive fat, leaving the user with lean muscle. Excessive fats have been associated with being obese, a condition causing many health complications.

The body burns the excessive fats through the process of metabolism. These fats are converted to energy hence increased energy levels. Increased energy level ensures increased productivity.

The body having burned the excess fat leaves one with lean muscle mass. This helps one to attain the desired BMI.

The supplements are known to aid in metabolism these results in regulated blood pressure. High blood pressure has been known to cause several health complications and at times resulting even to fatality.

Pure natural product

The supplements are made purely of natural plant extracts. There aren’t artificial chemical additives. This speaks volume to its quality.


The supplements are said to be safe as there are no serious side effects or health complications. It isn’t however recommended for pregnant mothers and children.